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Auimatagi Stefan von Reiche


Von Reiche is a Samoan contemporary artist; photographer, sculptor, painter and writer. > Read More

Alison Locke

3D Artist

Newley interested in computer-generated art while studying painting at art school Locke's most recent body of works are created entirely on the computer, no photography is involved. > Read More

Andy Rose


Rose is a Sydney based photographer, filmmaker, and software developer from Brazil.> Read More

Andrew Wilkinson

Mixed Media Artist

"My dual background in fine art and commercial art, specifically marketing and media communications, has lead me to develop a style that borrows from both popular culture and subcultures." > Read More

Anthony Sawrey

Mixed Media Artist

"I specialize primarily in painting, but I have also been involved in a myriad of art and culture activities since the late eighties, working in a variety of formats, producing a varied output of work." > Read More

Anne Lehtela

Mixed Media Artist

"While protecting one always comes to isolate something outside. While building shields or shelters one is choosing according his own beliefs... > Read More

Ashley Petrolati


Recently graduated from the Massachusetts College of Design, with a BFA in sculpture. Petrolati lives and works in the Boston area.> Read More

Cedric Van Eenoo

Mixed Media Artist

"Van Eenoo's paintings have a special use of line and color, his compositions are both minimal yet powerful." Fine Art Gallery, New York.> Read More

Charles Pennington


Pennington is a self-taught photographer from Georgia with an interest in historical buildings, cemeteries, and the Florida coastline. > Read More

David Di Muro


A self taught film maker, Di Muro has been writing, producing and directing for fourteen years. > Read More


Elizabeth Briel


Briel is a travel writer, photographer and tutor currently living in Vietnam. > Read More

Eniko Szucs


"In 2011 Summer I am working on a project, the theme is Nature and I am recreating new plants, and flowers digitally. I am using organic heirloom plants and flowers from our garden... > Read More

Eric Hynynen

Mixed Media Artist

"Our Daily bread is a visual meditation on our daily struggles to earn a living, in an increasingly complicated world. > Read More

Erica Yum Belli


"Among the many characters that you may find in the Roman night, there is a group who certainly passes unnoticed.> Read More

Gary Kurzer


An Architect, musician and avid photographer.> Read More

Gennady Veremeenko


Veremeenko's artistic education started in the art studio in Tver, Russia. He studied painting and graphic design from one of the members of the famous South Russian- Romanian Fine Art School. > Read More

Genevieve Thauvette

Mixed Media Artist

"The Gold Dust Twins were spokespeople for a type of cleaning powder at the turn of the century. They were one of the first brand mascots. > Read More

Goran Tomic

Mixed Media Artist

In the past 5 years i have been exhibiting collages, videos, projection installations and performances in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. > Read More

Hal Epstein


A former engineer, Epstein regularly returned home after a working day, with animal sculptures he had made from melted telephone cord. > Read More

Heidi Zitto

Mixed Media Artist

"The videos emerge from the artist’s painting process and experiment with the displacement of time and space in a single setting.> Read More

James Kearns


With 10 years in the Graphic Design profession, form, colour, and composition play a major role in Kearns work. > Read More

Jenny Enholm aka Alice Practice


Getting great use from the lomography film cameras, Enholm is passionate about band photography. > Read More

Jo Wells


An author of several books about metaphysics, spirituality in addition to an illustrated children's book. > Read More

Johanna Katerinas

Mixed Media Artist

These images are a part of a recent photographic project. The work plays on the idea of constructed memory and events re-presented in the Media and in Film. . > Read More

Juan Negroni

Mixed Media Artist

Negroni received a Scholarship from Liga de Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan, studied Graphic Design at the University of Puerto Rico in Carolina and has a BA Fine Arts. > Read More

Katherine Laura


A graduate of Graphic Design from Wellington, New Zealand, Laura spends her evenings writing and capturing images to illustrate her words and inspirations. > Read More

Katharine Rogers


"My four short films range in length, format and style. One is experimental and shot on bolex film. > Read More

Keith Hansen

Mixed Media Artist

A former student of the National Art School, Alexander Mackie, and the Slade school in London. Hansen paints in acrylic, watercolors and oils, in various styles. > Read More

Lewis S.

Mixed Media Artist

Lewis paints in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. > Read More

Lisa Diakova


Diakova is a Peruvian-Russian artist and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. > Read More

Michael Vincent Manalo

Computer Artist

Manalo has been published in Advanced Photoshop U.K and Photo Blur among others... > Read More

Mimi Monet


Monet is a self-taught painter, born in France. > Read More

Moe Baghbanian

Mixed Media Artist

A doctor of medicine and an experimental artist known as Dadali. > Read More

Ngaio Lenz

Mixed Media Artist

Having never completed formal art training, Lenz tackles her art with an innate & intuitive approach. > Read More

Nikola Semotanova

Mixed Media Artist

Semotanova works and lives in Prague, Czech Republic and has studied for several years in the Department of Metalwork and Jewellery, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. > Read More

Patrick Hawkins


Recently completing the illustrations of a children's book. Hawkins is an artist from the U.K, currently living in Manly, Sydney. > Read More

Paul Jensen


Jensen learnt the pastel art medium from his father, who is an artist. > Read More

Paul Summerfield

Digital Media Artist

Summerfield studied Fine Art and in 2003 he moved to Canberra to study 3D Animation for Film at AIE. > Read More

Pete Davis


A Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from the University of Plymouth and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Photography from Napier University, Edinburgh. Davis lives in the U.K. > Read More

Phyllis Wong


An architectural photographer primarily, Wong experiments with photography capturing landscapes and the environment around her. > Read More

Rene Sinkjaer


I am a self-taught painter. I grew up in a small town on the rugged, rural west coast of Denmark. > Read More

Rita Slattery


Rita Slattery's love of photography began in Dublin, Ireland. > Read More

Sarah Breen Lovett

Digital Artist

A Phd Candidate in Architecture, Breen Lovett's work lies at the intersection of art and architecture. > Read More

Simon Dorabialski


An avid traveller, Dorabialski visits various fishing villages and port towns taking photos and writing short stories about his travels. > Read More

Sofia Touboura

Digital Media Artist

A graduate from the Athens School of Fine Arts. > Read More

Sonya Rothwell

Mixed Media Artist

With a passion for portraiture Rothwell has previously completed a portrait of Wayne Cooper (fashion designer) for submission to the Archibald Prize 2010 > Read More

Suzanne Mc Gillivray


A late blooming artist, who came to art from a deep inner prompting after an extended period of illness and a journey with cancer. > Read More

Talya Brookman


London born and raised in Sydney and Los Angeles and a student of the Pratt Institute of Art in New York. > Read More

Thomas Hollywood

Mixed Media Artist

A Visual Art and Music Teacher in Sydney's west. > Read More

Vincent Valerio

Conceptual Photographic Artist

Valerio's current work, The Vincenzo Couture Experience is a cross-disciplined work, a pastiche of the fashion industry and other aspects of popular culture.> Read More

Wei - Ming Ho

Mixed Media Artist

In a weird atmosphere, the project set out for an exciting adventure. Do the images represent the visual signals, an extraordinary parade or a silent protest? > Read More

Yulia Lukashina


Lukashina prefers conceptual art and surrelism with respect to Russian artists, Vrubel, Rerich, Dali and Kadinsky. > Read More