Katharine Rogers

The Bolex Project
Tupperware - It’s more than just plastic
Moustache Incident
Behind the Wall

My four short films range in length, format and style. One is experimental and shot on bolex film. One is a four and a half minute documentary on Tupperware parties. One is a comedy about bedroom etiquette. And the final and longest one at 16:45 and charts the breakdown of a young couple’s relationship in rural NSW. What they have in common is a unique way of looking at the world and an unconventional take on the everyday, whether through style, subject matter or both. Audiences find connection and amusement in equal measure. My films could stand alone, be screened on a loop or fit well into a group show environment.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Sydney

Education & Qualification
Directing Studio NIDA (Jan 2010) Covered theatre directing, auditions, working with actors, interpretations of text.
2007 Masters in Media Arts & Production (Film & Video) University of Technology Sydney
Writer, director & editor 12 min short, One Deep BreathDirecting Experience & Screenings
Director - Behind the Wall (16.45, Drama, 2010)
September 2010 screened Indie Jam Festival, USA

Director – Death in the Salsa Class, Short and Sweet 2009 Newtown Theatre- awarded 3rd place.
Writer/Director - One Deep Breath (12 mins, drama, 2007), Masters of Media Arts at UTS.
Writer/Director one episode of a six part series on Sydney beaches,TVS.
Producer/Director - Tupperware – Its More than just Plastic (4 mins, doco, 2004, metroscreen)
Writer/Director - Out of Gas (7 mins, drama, 2006)
Writer/Director - The Moustache Incident ( 4 mins, comedy, 2004 - starring Damien Warren-Smith and Amy Matthews, Metro screen).

May 2011 screened Short Cuts, Melbourne.
April 2011 screened Fitzroy Shorts, Sydney.
Oct 2010 screened at Harold’s Shorts, Glebe. Won People’s Choice Award.
May 2009 screened at Newtown Flicks, New Theatre
May 2006 screened at Caught Short at the Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst.
October 2006 screened by Boo Hoo Films in Marrickville.
niceshorts.com.au December 2010 screened at Get off Your Arts, Glebe
May 2009 screened at Newtown Flicks, New Theatre
December 2006 screened at Peat’s Ridge Music Festival